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Aguilera took over Instagram when she posted two short clips from her new music video La Reina. Knowing Aguilera, she is certain to give fans some steamy looks, and everything about La Reina was alluring. From her amazing vocals to the very rosy flowery backgrounds and Aguilera’s blistering appearance, this piece will undoubtedly keep many fans glued to the screen.

In the first video posted, Aguilera was seen looking at the shoot’s scenery while she wore a red dress with a plunging neckline and puff over-shoulder sleeves. The second clip featured the 41-year-old hitmaker singing part of her Spanish-language track. This clip also gave a better view of her curve-hugging dress. The floor-swiping dress had a giant rose design on one hip, and it clung to her body from top to her hip before flowing freely to the ground. Her polished nails and fiery red locks made her appear more alluring.

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