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Amanda Seales, left; Cardi B.

Amanda Seales, left; Cardi B.Photo: Rob Longert/ Day One Agency

Cardi B once said: “If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m just glad Cardi didn’t get up OR stuck while playing around with Insecure actress and author Amanda Seales on the latest episode of her Facebook Watch Series, Cardi Tries__.

Per a press release sent to The Root, Seales accompanied Cardi B as she learned how to succeed at rhythmic gymnastics, a skill Seales apparently has an extensive background in. According to Cardi, gymnastics is a sport she ultimately wants three year-old daughter Kulture to get into, so what better way to convince her than by learning a few moves herself? (Modest moves, of course, considering she’s with child.)

“I am not a flexible person. However, everything that I can do I’m gonna make sure my daughter can do,” Cardi explains. “Now that she turned three, I’m gonna put her in gymnastics class. I just want her to be really flexible because being flexible always takes you a long way with everything.”

Seales later adds, ““It teaches you discipline. The person I am today I can 100 percent say is because I was in gymnastics and it teaches you to keep getting up when you fall.”

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The somewhat pliable pair were also joined by a member of the U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics national team Stasya Generalova, who helped coach them along the way. “When I heard Cardi B and Amanda were coming to my class, I was beyond stoked,” Generalova explained. “Because I know Cardi B is a complete performer, she knows how to get the audience going, and you need that in rhythmic gymnastics. And Amanda’s an ex-gymnast so I know she has tricks up her sleeve.”

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And what tricks they had, indeed! Seales wasted no time and showed off a few flips while Cardi opted for the simpler yet still skillful tasks of ribbon twirling and even hula-hooping.

“After I give birth, I’ll probably try artistic [gymnastics], because right now I can’t really cross my legs together or nothing” Cardi admitted.

That’s alright, Cardi. Considering all the quarantine snacking I’ve been doing over the last year and a half, I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t cross my legs together, either.

Don’t judge me; issa ongoing pandemic. What else have I got to do besides eat?

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You can catch Cardi Tries__ on Watch Together via Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Watch via Cardi B’s official Facebook Page.


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