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Still, the service is no less friendly and attentive, and staff are quick to greet guests and offer a taste of the hotel’s bespoke activated charcoal coffee. What is noticeable is that they are all young and wearing “Tribe” T-shirts – yet another contrast with Raffles’ older, liveried butlers and concierges, many of whom have served at the hotel for decades.

The average age of Tribe’s staff is about 30, Mr Girard tells me.  “I feel old here,” he quips. “And I’m only 40.” 

Accor’s new brand targets a younger crowd, who are less enamoured of the looks of the usual corporate or luxury hotel. My fellow travellers, who are younger, are clearly captivated by Tribe’s decor and quick to make use of the laptop booths. 

“Staying in my room is so boring,” remarks one Thai journalist. Mr Girard, I know how you feel.

With rooms starting from just US$89, Tribe Phnom Penh is a good deal for the budget-conscious who still need a big TV set and decent coffee machine in their rooms, and a good breakfast buffet. (A night at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal, in contrast, will set you back at least US$400.) 

It is also conveniently located near the city centre, opposite the capital’s old post office, and sits just by the Tonle Sap river, which leads all the way to Angkor Wat. 

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