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The Cleveland Browns are preparing to be without quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is expected to be suspended for at least part of the 2022 NFL season due to his legal troubles. With that in mind, the team could be looking to find another backup alongside Jacoby Brissett and Cam Newton is a name who has come up in chatter in recent days.

However, it appears that’s all it is: Chatter. Per Mary Kay Kabot of, the Browns aren’t actually interested in Newton, who is currently a free agent after playing last season with the Carolina Panthers. At 33 years old, the former MVP still has enough in him to be a solid QB at this level, but it won’t be with the Browns.

Kabot did report that the organization is interested in both AJ McCarron and Josh Rosen as potential backups for Watson, with McCarron previously working with Watson in Houston.

The Browns handed Watson a massive $230 million extension but they undoubtedly knew he would likely be reprimanded after his sexual assault lawsuits. Although he reached settlements with 20 accusers, the NFL has yet to make a decision on how long the QB will be sidelined. However, the announcement is expected soon.

Brissett has been around the league for a hot minute but he’s not exactly a top-tier signal-caller. The Browns ended up trading Baker Mayfield to the Panthers recently after their relationship went in the gutter. It would’ve been nice to have him ready to play once Watson finds out his fate but it was clear Mayfield had enough of Cleveland.

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Cam Newton played eight games in 2022, going 0-5 as a starter and completing just 54.8% of his passes.

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