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Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc. 303-744-2025 provides the following data. The buyer, the seller, and the amount are all listed.
Vince and Silke Larson — 2227 Canyon Blvd., Apt. 307, Mateo Villarreal, $360,000.Deborah Ardila — 7448 Singing Hills Court, Barnacle Family Living Trust, $370,000.Joseph Tarango — 3009 Madison Ave., Apt. L211, Burrows Management LLC, $395,000.Stephanie Su — 2870 E. College Ave., Unit 102, John R. Barr, $420,000.Yilong and Elizabeth Jin — 3840 Broadway St., Apt. 26, Michael B. McNair, $540,000.Brandon Mah — 3271 Airport Road, Apt. 128, Thistle Velo LLC, $651,500.Tarek Haffar — 410 S. 45th St., 45th Street LLC, $774,900.Barbara Johnston — 77 Pima Court, Jonathan and Lisa Dings, $775,000.Cengiz and Talia Aygun — 4261 Graham Court, Lisa and Andrew Leigh, $800,000.Avery Bang — 1105 Hartford Drive, Moira E. Burns, $807,500.Dillen Roggensinger — 3115 25th St., Trevor and Sara Graham, $815,000.Gail Rosenschein — 1647 Yellow Pine Ave., Brian and Nicole Wildes, $853,600.John and Ann Hurrell — 3562 Smuggler Way, Stephen D. Benedetto, $860,000.James and Melissa Harper — 4234 Greenbriar Blvd., John and Lori Clayton, $925,000.Lesley and Daniel Page — 6835 Twin Lakes Road, Dean Elphin Smith, $1,012,000.Carlos Barros — 4675 Gordon Drive, James L. Colwell, $1,095,000.Manish Gaur — 983 Cherryvale Road, Emily and Joshua Bynum, $1,125,000.Wyatt Dunlap — 4740 Cheyenne Court, Rashid and Fereydoon Khosravi, $1,132,000.Joel Anderson — 4785 McKinley Drive, Wendy and Michael Goldner, $1,225,000.Alexander and Tierney Gerber — 3390 Fourth St., Suzanne M. Pyle, $1,250,000.Maria Curran — 1326 N. Cedar Brook Road, Christopher Collins Mauze, $1,325,000.Andrew Cavanagh — 2705 Iliff St., Shawn and Laura Jones, $1,365,000.Jane and Holger Meyers — 1100 Stearns Ave., Terry and Holly Wubbena, $1,475,000.Eyal Soha — 2420 Bluff St., Walter and Jane Enterline, $1,950,000.John and Heather Hanson — 241 Pearl St., Gail and Frank Moyes, $1,995,000.William Thorne — 6184 Reserve Drive, Gkr Trust, $2,290,000.Catherine and Peter Hall — 411 Camino Bosque, Daniel and Amanda Mones, $2,350,000.Michael and Kristie Shehan — 522 Highland Ave., Paula Martin, $4,650,000.
William Compton — 13456 Via Varra, Unit 234, Gregory Gerard Ryan, $304,000.Christopher Miller — 1115 E. 10th Ave., Trisha M. Hardiefrankel, $308,000.Glenda Leung — 1138 Opal St., Unit 103, Nancy M. Fitzsimmons, $345,000.Phillip and Jennie McQuade — 406 Hickory St., Moir Family Revocable Trust, $465,000.Tyler Gomer — 726 176th Ave., Lennar Colo. LLC, $472,200.Amy and Konstantinos Korres — 927 E. Midway Blvd., Derek and Rebecca Flanagan, $485,000.John Sloan — 11287 Uptown Ave., Roland and Toshiko Sesselmann, $545,000.Iliana and Erik Ruminski — 1070 W. 15th Ave., Carl Gustav Johnson, $585,000.Carolyn Gdowski — 1933 W. 165th Way, Weekley Homes LLC, $588,600.James and Cindy Pickerel — 16010 Atlantic Peak Way, Patricia and David See, $625,000.Robert and Brianna Ticknor — 1224 Aspen St., Kenneth and Rita Ross, $640,000.Tyler and Kristina Larsen — 1384 Nissen Place, Roger Su, $880,000.
Claudio Ramirez — 1495 Blue Sky Way, Unit 9-305, Davian C. Gagne, $300,000.Alejandro Arambula — 183 Montgomery Drive, Tessa and Matthew Hart, $365,000.Charles Souza — 1229 Shale Way, Csi 1031 LLC, $521,300.Adriana Casali — 3268 Billington Drive, Anita and Evan Weissman, $525,000.Rebecca Knobelmilliken — 447 Woodson Drive, Grady Park Invest LLC, $540,000.Jason and Kathleen Shipman — 13 Morgan Circle S., Century Land Holdings LLC, $547,800.Sisi Jiang — 2078 Mountain Iris Drive, Christopher J. Linnen, $580,000.Spenser and Shaelyn Hang — 2053 Tundra Circle, Opendoor Property Trust I, $586,500.Ethan Tobias — 881 Boulder Peak Ave., Richmond American Homes Colo. Inc., $614,200.Margaret and James Salvaggio — 842 Drake Ave., CalAtlantic Group Inc., $626,900.Isaac and Jennifer Valdez — 805 Parkdale Place, Carolyn L. Mahoney, $651,300.David McGovern — 1856 Maccullen Drive, Dylan and Brittany McDonald, $690,000.Michael and Karen McGoff — 901 Meadowlark Drive, Lennar Colo. LLC, $745,400.Sam Banola — 1366 Washburn St., John and Amy Jacquat, $828,000.Christie and Todd Radunsky — 817 Cabot Drive, Christopher Jon Guse, $841,000.Amy and Kelly Wagnergrull — 1451 Washburn St., Vicki and Carl Middleton, $857,000.David and Maxine Hecht — 1247 Limestone Drive, Toll Co. LP, $906,400.Philip and Patricia Brate — 1466 Flowers Court, Brad and Valerie Renville, $920,000.Joel and Shelby Bozekowski — 1306 Lyons Lane, Stacey and Rhnissa Decker, $930,000.Swapnil and Radhika Hendre — 1128 Limestone Drive, Toll Co. LP, $1,020,700.Robin and Ernest Jensen — 391 Overlook Court, Century Colliers Hill LLC, $1,371,900.
Scott Reed — 1290 Elysian Field Drive, Gallery Homes Inc., $325,000.Sugi Wong — 1805 Ionic Drive, Apt. A, Eric and Sarah Hicken, $370,000.Benjamin Bell — 706 Brome Place, Jamie K. Davis, $480,000.Sophia Bennett — 1109 Balmora St., Laura Vida Smith, $555,000.Joseph Mountjoy — 1140 Nottingham St., David and Mieko Gooch, $590,000.Howard and Sharon Golden — 1155 Odyssey Court, Holly C. Martin, $600,000.Claire and Greg Satchfield — 300 W. Cleveland St., Bradley and Michelle Wind, $615,000.Tenzin Khunkhen — 10611 Arapahoe Road, Mark A. Jones, $670,000.Andrew Alexander — 1320 Centaur Village Court, Jorge Gonzalezmunoz, $700,000.Abigail and John Sherohman — 11776 Billings Ave., Dreu and Kathryn Patterson, $805,000.George Kembel — 404 W. Cleveland St., Maso Trust, $835,000.Emil Motycka — 2874 Twin Lakes Circle, Christina I. Bremner, $921,000.Michael and Kathryn Eisenbrown — 476 Pheasant Circle, Kathryn M. Anderson, $925,000.William McDowell — 120 Brittany Lane, Elizabeth M. Baldwin, $2,000,000.
Danielle Calabrese — 841 Crisman Drive Ste 7, Longwise Invest LLC, $227,000.Christine Nolting — 225 E. Eighth Ave., Apt. F11, Aubrey Paige Olvera, $228,000.Robin Lockard — 1101 21st Ave., Apt. 3, Fidelis E. Orozco, $240,000.Zachary and Frederick Adams — 2039 Estes Lane, Apt. 3, Annette and Kimberl Sibert, $305,000.Lyle Burkhardt — 1511 Kansas Ave., Gunasiri and Peu Gurung, $375,000.Benjamin and Rodney Rodney — 309 Wadsworth Court, Arian Hampel, $395,000.Erasto Quintero — 2126 Wright Court, Luis Gutierrez, $395,000.Nicholas Clark — 1848 Lincoln Drive, C. Alan Kesler, $400,000.Amy and Patrick Okeefe — 1628 16th Place, Joyce L. Melick, $410,000.Elmar Lenz — 1314 S. Emery St., Apt. A, 1314 S. Emery LLC, $437,000.Stephen and Laurie Bayless — 1228 Frontier Drive, Chad and Jenni Hasselbach, $445,000.Jose and Jose Nieto — 1313 Torreys Peak Drive, Michael and Deborah Martin, $465,000.Joseph Diamond — 2537 Mountain View Ave., Greg and Jenny Christensen, $465,000.Cory Jakobsen — 1117 Lincoln St., Elevated Equity LLC, $472,500.Tabetha Lynch — 1809 S. Pratt Parkway, Mike Tousignant, $476,000.Martin Guerrero — 1016 23rd Ave., 1016 23rd Ave. LLC, $489,000.Jesse Gershman — 1047 Terry St., Travis and Anna Histed, $500,000.Mark Tapia — 1312 S. Lincoln St., Elena L. Oden, $515,000.Marilyn Loftus — 1632 Deerwood Drive, Timothy M. Turner, $515,000.Steven and Tammy Stump — 975 Reynolds Farm Lane, Andrew Dutchman, $515,000.Nicholas Coutu — 716 Eldora Place, Teresa Dill Herholz, $520,000.Gina Petty — 1377 Northwestern Road, Christian A. Ogden, $523,000.Ariana Cuadra — 122 Mount Massive Way, Glenn and Cheryl Pawelczyk, $525,000.Liam Sharkey — 5609 Mount Sanitas Ave., Brian and Rachel Foster, $532,500.Antonio and Elena Rueda — 1654 Denison Circle, Arthur and Joan Smart, $555,000.Dimitriy Dogadin — 1503 Otis Drive, Adam Michael Kulikowski, $600,000.Karen Rice — 159 Baylor Drive, Charles and Michell Brazier, $600,000.Shiqiang Zheng — 1907 Red Cloud Road, Conrad and Margaret Hummel, $606,000.Charles Hill — 510 Noel Ave., Benjamin E. Foulke, $630,000.Michael Sample — 1542 Chukar Drive, Nayeem and Zerin Alam, $635,000.Sharon Malloy — 1632 Sherman Way, Sally L. Fulton, $640,000.Joshua Lindquist — 1512 Otis Drive, Carole Maxine Kaye, $651,000.Oleksii Gogoliev — 4624 Portofino Drive, Courtney and Brando Ballagh, $680,000.Matthew and Lisa Knight — 11708 Beasly Road, Kevin and Laree Smith, $685,000.Noah Siegel — 460 Western Sky Circle, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $695,800.Patrick and Ashton Monacelli — 5641 Cottontail Drive, WG Longmont LLC, $717,200.Jagdeep Athwal — 94 Western Sky Circle, Richmond American Homes Colo. Inc., $732,500.Steven and Megan Cherewick — 11788 Pleasant View Ridge, Ram and Paulette Narasimhan, $735,000.Thomas Parks — 2156 Lombardy St., Manoj Kumar, $760,000.Michael Montgomery — 9151 Rogers Road, Shadi B. Ramey, $765,000.Melissa Held — 2052 Summitview Drive, Terry and Linda Francis, $830,000.William and Arne Arne — 2028 Summitview Drive, Dean and Nancy Coulter, $875,000.Trevor and Brianna Galuardi — 1760 Montgomery Circle, Ekawat and Duangrat Sunti, $885,000.Christopher and Susan Stone — 8829 Marathon Road, Mary C. Nyholmvidano, $1,175,000.Michael and Lorena Chorn — 2021 Poppy Field Court, Vondell Martin, $1,196,000.Aaron and Heather Tellier — 1173 Purdue Drive, Elizabeth C. Nichols, $1,250,000.James and Joan Schaefer — 8580 Skyland Drive, Robert and Karen Driver, $1,267,000.Michael and Sonja Leister — 6635 Rabbit Mountain Road, Cam Real Estate Xia LLC, $3,000,000.
Jennifer Key — 1004 Turnberry Circle, Martin and Kelli Dunn, $899,000.David Baron — 835 W. Mulberry St., Peigang Zhang, $1,280,000.
Srinivas and Madhu Nallam — 2230 Central Park Way, Thb Superior Mf LLC, $688,100.Daniel Bello — 946 Sapphire Way, Cindy Lindsey, $715,000.Lynn and Nestor Pinaroc — 2234 Central Park Way, Thb Superior Mf LLC, $738,000.Jonathan and Lisa Church — 1510 Lanterns Lane, Bc Lanterns Rock Creek LLC, $841,700.Kathryn and Gregory Becht — 1820 Eldorado Circle, Garon and Kelly Duncan, $1,350,000.

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