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Arnold Schwarzenegger has a $450 million net worth for a reason… The star demands a massive salary and this was especially the case during the ’90s and into the 2000s.

Arnold was once paid an astonishing $1 million per day for 25 days when he appeared in ‘Batman and Robin’. Not bad for a guy who was told to give up on his bodybuilding dreams while living in poverty in Austria.

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Arnold made a huge name for himself thanks to a bigger vision. He didn’t want to be great in just the US, he wanted to become a global name. We can safely say it all worked out and these days, booking Arnold for anything will cost quite the premium.


We’ll take a look at how much performers charge for events, and how expensive it can get (some demand millions…). In addition, we’ll put the spotlight on what celeb speakers are charging. Again, it won’t come cheap…

Celebrities Are Known For Charging A Steep Price For Booking Fees

Back in 2014, Insider shared some details on the requirements to book an A-list celebrity. Given that these details were issued almost a decade ago, we have reason to believe those numbers have skyrocketed upwards in the recent years.

Booking someone like Rihanna or Taylor Swift won’t be easy according to Insider, and it also comes with a massive price tag.

“The biggest names in music, like Sting, Rihanna, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, will always ask for over $750,000+ for a US event and even more for an international event.”

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As if that isn’t tough enough, most big name celebs turn down an offer if they aren’t familiar with the person booking them. So yea, forget about going online and booking Elton for your kid’s fifth birthday…

“These acts very often turn down offers from buyers they do not know, but CTI as an experienced major name talent buyer, can help you get a name confirmed if a buyer has the budget to confirm the act,” Insider writes.

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Among others who charge a huge premium includes Prince, who is valued at $1.5 million to $2 million, depending on the type of gig.

Speakers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton have separate fees for their motivation words and speeches. Although it isn’t as high as a performance, it still comes at a premium.

Booking Arnold Schwarzenegger Requires Private Air Transportation Along With A Six-Figure Fee

Who wouldn’t want to book the great Arnold Schwarzenegger? The guy is walking motivation and has some of the best quotes ever, especially for all the bros out there.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

Well, you can hear this epic Arnold quote and so much more, as long as you own a private jet and at least $200,000…

According to Insider, this is usual around the number asked by Arnold and others for speaking fees. Chances are, that number only grew in recent years compared to 2014.

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“Speakers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Richard Branson, have a speaking fee of over $200,000 and also a private jet needs to be provided or paid for by the client,” Insider writes.

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Now that’s quite the premium for Arnold but given the trajectory of his career and how much the star makes per film, it only makes sense…

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Salary For Films Is Among The A-Listers In Hollywood

With a worth of $450 million, it is no secret, Arnold commands a premium when it comes to any type of gig. That’s especially true for films however, as the star makes A-list money for movies, bringing in a typical salary between $20 million and $30 million, depending on the size and budget of the project.

Arnold deserves some serious love for building up such a net worth. Growing up in Austria, times were tough for Arnold. His dreams were frowned upon by his family and those around him. Moving away from the area changed his life and he never gave up on his dreams.

Heck, with this story alone, it is no wonder the legend demands a premium for his speaking engagements!

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