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Ben Platt to perform at Madison Square Garden with sister duo Aly+AJ as opening act.

Matthew Salacuse

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Musician and actor Ben Platt is scheduled to play at New York City’s iconic venue, Madison Square Garden (MSG) during his Reverie tour with pop icons Aly + AJ.

Following a three-year-long touring break due to health and safety concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, Platt will be performing for his NYC fans at the venue for the very first time.

“It is just very overwhelming and a little bit scary in the sense that it is such a ‘life’ kind of place,” Platt told amNew York in an interview Aug 12 of preparing for the experience. “And it’s been a lesson to me in regards to what to pressure myself with and what not to in terms of wanting to do a fantastic show and make sure it is a wonderful night, but also when you hear of a venue that’s as iconic as MSG you’re immediately like ‘well okay, this show has to exemplify everything I’ve done up until this point and it needs to be a summation of my career and it has to be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment’. Obviously I hope it’s a great show, but I think just letting myself off the hook in that regard has made me that much more excited.”

Opening for Platt are sister singer duo Aly + AJ who will be joining Platt for 19 out of 20 of his tour dates. 

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“We are so excited to join Ben on tour!” Aly+AJ said in a joint statement. “Not only do we admire him as an artist but he’s an incredible human being and has openly supported our music for some time now. There’s gonna be a lot of love coming from the stage each night.”

Platt also expressed his excitement about performing with the duo.

“They were definitely formative in my childhood, and my sister and I loved ‘Potential Breakup Song’ and they have done such an amazing job of evolving,” said Platt. “They have a lot of humility and they have been doing this for a long time like me, since they were kids, and they really appreciate the opportunity to still get to perform and be artists and I just think that I admire that and they are so easy and lovely so I am really excited to be touring with them.”

Platt emphasized how important it was for him to reconnect with his fans in person after spending so much time away from live music. 

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“I think since we’ve all been inside and on the internet for so long – as wonderful and as supportive as many people are on the internet – the internet is first and foremost a place to be hateful and kind of judgemental so it is easy to forget that there are people out there who appreciate what you are doing,” Platt said. “To get to be in a room full of support and commune with those people is something I haven’t done in so long and I’m just so excited to see those real faces and sing for them.”

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For complete details and ticket availability, please visit A limited number of exclusive VIP Packages are also available.

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