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Season 8 of The Flash begins with a five episode event. In August, the event was named “Armageddon.”The episodes will feature Arrowverse heroes returning, including Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak. Fans now have a chance to see her highly-anticipated Arrowverse comeback. 

It’s been nearly two years since fans had to say goodbye to Team Arrow, and although it seemed there would be hope that Arrow would live on in Green Arrow and the Canaries, The CW opted to not pick up the spinoff that would follow Mia, Dinah and Laurel in a future Star City. Now Mia is one of many heroes returning in The Flash’s big crossover episode event and Kat McNamara shared a first look at Mia’s roughed-up return on Twitter:

Back in a #FLASH… ⚡️🏹💥 #Armageddon here I come! 💚 @CW_TheFlash @TheCW #MiaSmoak #GreenArrow 29, 2021


There’s not too much information on the crossover event, just that Team Flash will call in some allies when a powerful alien threat comes to Earth under mysterious circumstances. Mia looks like she will be getting into some action. It will be nice to see her take up the Green Arrow mantle after Oliver’s heartbreaking sacrifice. Fans might also be able to see the crossover as a way to find out what happened after William was captured in the Green Arrow or Canaries backdoor pilot. It would be a relief to continue that story in some way, even if it’s not much. 

In June, McNamara was asked whether or not she’d return to the Arrowverse and she had said she’d love to if given the chance. This was in June so it’s not known whether or not she already knew and was keeping it hush hush or if this was before she got the call. Either way, it seems like she’s more than thrilled to return to the Arrowverse.

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Not long after “Armageddon”Kat McNamara shared a BTS picture on Twitter to announce her return as Mia Smoak. It will be fascinating to see Mia alongside Team Flash. Last year’s crossover was cancelled due to COVID so it seems the Arrowverse is wasting no time in planning the next one.

This upcoming crossover looks like it’s going to be a big one so fingers crossed that it’s as epic as possible. Perhaps this could also mark the beginning to see more of Mia in the Arrowverse. Just because Green Arrow and the Canaries isn’t moving forward doesn’t mean that Mia can’t travel to the present every once in a while.

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You can catch the five-episode series in the meantime. “Armageddon”The Flash’s 8th season will be launched on Tuesday, November 16th on The CW.  CinemaBlend’s fall TV schedule for 2021 will reveal other shows to watch!

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