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Even though Katherine McNamara’s Walker: Independence is airing now on The CW, the actress still thinks about her previous venture on the network. While Arrow spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries never went to series, McNamara opened up about the one storyline she needs solved, and fans likely agree. 

The potential spinoff’s backdoor pilot in Arrow’s final season ended on a major cliffhanger where William was taken. To this day, that mystery hasn’t been solved on screen. When McNamara returned as Mia Smoak for the “Armageddon” crossover event, she had yet to find her big brother. In a new interview with Looper, the Shadowhunters alum discussed how much she needs that Arrowverse storyline to be solved:

There’s a part of me that cannot rest until I find William. I can’t leave a Queen child out there floating in the Arrowverse without resolving that story.

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