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The multi-talented Arnold Schwarzenegger has five children. Four are from his ex-wife Maria Shriver, whereas one was birthed with Mildred Baena, a former housekeeper. However, it took Arnold around 14 years to come clean on his fifth child. Moreover, since the news came, Arnold has managed to pick up the relationship with Joseph Baena and make a good bond with him.


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Joseph Baena is a fitness model, dancer, and aspiring actor. Recently, he has been compared to Arnold for his improved physique and the workout sessions he uploads on social media. However, one thing that he does better than Arnold is dancing. Baena recently posted an Instagram story showing DWTS wants Baena back once again. What did the story say?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son to dance once again on DWTS

Joseph Baena competed as a participant in the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ this year. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son was eliminated in the sixth week of the show. But Baena had an incredible run on the show before he was eliminated. He danced remarkably well and was loved by the audience, especially on the day he redid his father’s first movie role as a dance performance.

Although Baena was eliminated a few weeks ago, he recently posted Instagram stories while prepping for his last dance on DWTS this year. In the story, he was dancing or warming up with his dance partner, Daniella Karagach.


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about 23 hours ago

Baena wrote“When DWTS Wants You Back on the show for on last Dance”. In another story, he wrote“Back for one last dance!”

Schwarzenegger’s son lost 10lbs during the competition

Joseph Baena is a fitness freak. He loves to maintain and improve his physique. However, he wasn’t always like this. He used to be chubbier during his childhood. But he took inspiration from his father. Moreover, Arnold gave him his first workout lesson. And there was no looking back.

For Baena, the workout is a must. He even learns to flex and pose from the great Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn. However, a month ago, Baena uploaded two videos contrasting his physique to the period he was in DWTS. And he showed he had lost 10lbs while dancing in DWTS.


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After getting eliminated from the show, Joseph Baena will be seen on DWTS for his final performance of the season. His fans must be waiting to see his electrifying performance in the upcoming episode. How do you rate Joseph Baena as a dancer from 0 to 10?

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