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Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena gave a special performance on Dancing with the Stars. On the first-ever Disney+ night of DWTS, the competitors performed numbers based on everything the streaming platform offers. Baena performed as Disney’s iconic Hercules. Coincidentally, Arnie also played Hercules in his first movie. Thus fans of the show couldn’t help but compare the 25-year-old with his father.


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However, people also became interested to know if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself would ever appear on the popular TV show. Fortunately, Joseph was there to answer.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Dancing with the Stars?

About a week ago, “Dancing with the Stars” aired its Disney+ night episode. Among the highlights of the night was Joseph Baena perfuming as Hercules. Baena, who performed with pro dancer Daniella Karagach, generated some buzz because his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, also played Hercules in 1977. So when reporters asked if Arnold would ever join DWTS, Joseph said“This show? No, no.”. However, he also hinted, “Yeah, just, only if, only if Dani is his partner.”

Joseph said that Arnold is “so happy” with his son’s performance in Dancing with the stars. Arnie is also, “so proud” because Joseph is doing something he never could. The Austrian Oak is a bodybuilding legend, a former actor, and the former governor of California. However, the Hollywood star has danced on screen only once in his life.

In the 90s, Arnie was a massive star. After the success of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, James Cameron wanted to make an action-comedy starring Arnold. However, Cameron knew Arnold didn’t dance. So when the legendary director sent Schwarzenegger the script for ‘True lies’ (1994), he labeled the tango scene as, “Your most dangerous stunt.”.

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Arnold wasn’t one to back down from challenges. The action hero learned to tango in time for the movie. However, the 6’2, seven-time Mr. Olympia ended up stepping on Tia Carrere’s toes a few times during the shoot. 

Arnold used to hire ballet teachers

Arnold didn’t become the most iconic bodybuilder simply by working hard. No one had done what the Terminator did. The champion bodybuilder saw posing as an art form, something that would give him the edge in competition. So the legend actually hired ballet teachers to help him improve his posing. 1977’s ‘Pumping Iron’, features a brief clip of Arnie mixing ballet with posing.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger will probably never dance on the stage of DWTS. The former governor is 75, and it’s unlikely that he’ll turn dancing even with a pro like Daniella as his partner. However, there’s a possibility that the iconic bodybuilder might show up to support his son Joseph if he makes it to the finals.

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