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If you scroll through Joseph Baena’s Instagram you’ll see photos of him at the gym, holding his dance partner on one arm, riding a horse shirtless, and explaining how he keeps his arms swole, because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is in impeccable shape. Or if you watched him on Dancing with the Stars you would have seen him flexing and dancing shirtless through the show, as he did in a Hercules-themed routine, because he is literally a bodybuilder. However, this wasn’t always the case, as Baena prepares to take on his first big acting role, he is opening up about how he can relate to the film’s material because before he looked how he does today, he was bullied as a child. 

Speaking of his movie, Bully High is Baena’s first major film role. The movie follows Maryam, played by Aneesha Madhok, a Pakistani exchange student who gets bullied and harassed by her peers and teachers because she wears a hijab. Baena is now opening up about the subject matter of the film, and how he has personal experience with bullying. The bodybuilder and actor told People

I was bullied when I was a kid, elementary, middle school, and not really in high school, but I just felt like an outsider in high school at the beginning.

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