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The Arnold Classic 2021 was held in Columbus, Ohio on September 25, 20,21.The legendary competition named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr. Olympia, was moved from March to September. Debutante bodybuilder and New Jersey’s own Nick Walker defeated Iain Valliere of Canada to win his first Arnold Classic.

Prior to playing his role as the competition host, Arnold Schwarzenegger met with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who was in the town to attend a DJ concert. At 7ft-1in tall Shaq dwarfs all human beings, even the 6ft-2in Terminator. Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself with Shaq to his Instagram accountHe humorously highlighted the height discrepancy.

“Great to see my friend @shaq in Columbus, although I don’t know why he always insists on standing on a 2 foot box when he’s with me. I’m here for the @arnoldsports, he’s here to do a fantastic DJ show. We used to share an office years ago and I love seeing his continued success.” Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote.

Joseph Baena and Patrick Schwarzenegger react to Arnold’s post

His sons Patrick Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena noticed the caption. Joseph Baena, the 23-year-old son of Arnold who shares his father’s passion for bodybuilding, posted a witty comment looking at Shaq’s insanely huge physique. Baena wrote:

‘When is @shaq doing his guest posing routine?’

Images Courtesy: Shaquille O’Neal Instagram and Dorian Yates

The comment, although hilarious, makes for an intriguing argument: In a parallel universe, where the towering Shaquille O’Neal is a bodybuilder, can he beat the great Dorian Yates?

Arnold’s other son, actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, compared the photo with Arnold’s 1988 comedy film Twins’ poster.

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‘Kinda like the Twins poster !!’ Patrick Schwarzenegger wrote.

Patrick And JosephPatrick and Joseph’s comments on their dad’s photo with Shaquille O’Neal.


Arnold Schwarzenegger acted in the movie alongside Danny DeVito. The size difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaq, and DeVito was actually very similar!

Recognize GOAT

Arnold Schwarzenegger presents Ronnie Coleman the Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr. Olympia winner, was awarded the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award Arnold classic 2021. Coleman is tied for second with Lee Haney in Mr. Olympia wins. Many consider him the greatest bodybuilder ever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger presented Ronnie Coleman the award at The Arnold Sports Festival 2021. He expressed his feelings in an Instagram post.

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‘I love @ronniecoleman8, and I was so proud to give him this year’a lifetime achievement award. A great champion, a wonderful evangelist for bodybuilding, and a fantastic human.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote.

Ronnie Coleman responded to Arnold’s post in a comment and thanked the Terminator for the honor.

‘Thank you my friend this is an amazing honor I will cherish forever.’ Ronnie Coleman wrote.

Watch the Ronnie Coleman Lifetime Achievement Award Speech

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