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Movie icon and professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is interested in a possible big screen team-up with YouTubers turned professional boxing brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul are teaming up to host the Slap Fighting Championship on March 5, marking the first time the two will be working side-by-side.

In the lead-up to the tournament, The Terminator appeared on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast where he revealed that he actually is a fan of the brothers and admires how much effort they put into their craft.

During a press conference on March 1, Arnold explained to Dexerto that he might even want to star in a movie with the YouTubers if such an opportunity were to ever present itself.

Logan Paul Arnie slap championship

FanmioLogan Paul is teaming up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to host a slap fighting tournament.

Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Logan Paul

While the former Governor of California admitted that the two hadn’t yet discussed being in a movie together, he did offer up more praise for the two.

“We haven’t talked about that at all, but as I mentioned I’m a big fan of theirs because they work so hard,” he said. “There’s a lot of people out there in social media who are all about dialogue, connections and this and that… I’m a big admirer of someone who is strong on social media and can back it up.”

According to Arnold, he’s watched every one of their fights and noted how they’ve inspired him by creating original content.

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Will Arnold Schwarzenegger & Logan Paul make a film together?

“It’s natural for us to want to do business together and promote something together,” he explained, saying that further projects may come down to how this slap fight championship pans out. “Where that takes us, whether it’s movies or whatever, we don’t know where this is going to go.”

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While Arnold didn’t rule out a possible movie with the brothers, Logan Paul was eager for the chance to star alongside the film star.

“Yeah, obviously,” he smirked. “Of course.”

arnold schwarzenegger and jake and logan paul

arnold schwarzenegger and jake and logan paul

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Impaulsive/Instagram: loganpaulThis might not be the last time Logan Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up.

Logan isn’t the first Paul brother interested in making a Hollywood blockbuster. Last year, Jake Paul teased a buddy cop movie with former opponent Tyron Woodley. Nothing has materialized just yet, but it goes to show that both Pauls are intrigued by the prospect of making films.

Whether or not we see the influencers in a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger remains to be seen, but if the success of this upcoming slap event is anything to go by, they’ll be back.

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