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The famous Terminator is in town, and he is being spotted all around Toronto. On Saturday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen in this famous Toronto restaurant, where, apparently, no one really noticed him till he was leaving.

“Hasta la vista, baby!”

Schwarzenegger surprised people at Toronto’s famous Japanese restaurant, Akira Back in the Bisha Hotel.

The restaurant’s General Manager, Attilio Di Donato, told Narcity that it was not a planned visit. The “team was blown away as it was an unexpected visit and the first time we were in his presence.”

“Our other guests didn’t seem to notice Arnold until he was leaving, at which point everyone in the restaurant was buzzing with excitement,” the manager added.

The celebrity was not dining alone, he was with his son Patrick. According to the restaurant, they ordered “Yellowtail Serrano, Salmon Tataki and Show Me The Roll.”

Meeting Schwarzenegger in real life could be pretty intimidating, mainly because of his deep stares and huge muscles, as seen in his movies, but he’s “very friendly and humble.”

The former governor of California apparently has a sense of humour too. Akira Back told Narcity that he was “laughing and joking with our team members.”

Di Donato said that he seemed to really enjoy his time at Akira Back, and hopefully, the restaurant employees heard the Terminator say, “I’ll be back.”

The actor was also spotted biking around Yorkville over the weekend, because who wasn’t.

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An excited person posted to TikTok a video of them trying to catch up to the star in Yorkville on a sunny day over the weekend. But unfortunately, the perfect shot did not arise, and Schwarzenegger rode away.

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But, hopefully, Torontonians will see more of him as he’s in town to film his new Netflix series, Utap.

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