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“Black Girl Stuff” returned this week, and the all-new episode was filled with great conversation. The ladies began the show by diving into the comments to discuss whether a woman’s biological clock is real; Kennedy Rue took viewers behind the scenes on the film Till and the latest season of “Step Up”; Amanda Seales and Jhalesa Lewis joined the panel; and, as always, hosts Akilah Ffriend, Brii Renee, Demetria Obilor, and Tori Brixx brought the energy and some knowledge to the panel. Catch “Black Girl Stuff” every Tuesday on REVOLT at 9 p.m. ET as well as every Wednesday on our website, YouTube channel, and app. Plus, watch the latest episode here.

1. Is Time of the Essence?

To start off this week’s episode of “BGS,” the girls dove into the comments to discuss a viral clip of Steve Harvey talking about and explaining a woman’s biological clock. The video inspired the ladies to wonder if that’s something most women really do abide by. Ffriend said, “The term comes from biology and every woman, when you think of biology, for me, I’m thinking of the fact that, yes, when it comes to raising kids or having kids, you have a finite number of eggs. Every woman has a finite number of eggs when they’re born. When they turn 30, 32, it drops dramatically, then [at] 35, [it] drops even more. Between 30 and 37, your fertility is in question. So, I think we literally are on a time clock when it comes to wanting children if that’s what you want, you know, naturally. Time is of the essence, and I’m a firm believer.” The ladies acknowledged that while the clock is important, there are other avenues to pregnancy they’d consider, like a surrogate, because stressing about reaching the milestone of motherhood by a particular age can be harmful.

2. The Kennedy Chronicles

Most have heard the tragic story of Emmett Till; however, you’ve never seen it told this way. Till stars Danielle Deadwyler, Jalyn Hall, and Whoopi Goldberg and puts the historical figure’s story in a whole new light. When asked about what he wanted people his age to take away from the film, Hall told Rue, “There are a lot of things, be it in our school system or just in general, that we’re not taught, or we’re just not exposed to from a young age to grow up with and learn about, and this was one of those things. I was told it, like you said, as a cautionary tale. Most of all, I think the key for me, for kids, is the education of it. There are a lot of things that the world shields us from, or turns a blind eye to, or is scared to reopen, but with a movie like this on a scale like this, there’s no reason why the youth of our nation, me included, can’t learn about these things. We can be inspired or changed in ways that may affect us greatly down the line.” You can watch Till at your local movie theater as the film is now out.

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Next, Rue sat down with Ne-Yo and Christina Milian to talk about the latest season of their show, “Step Up.” With the series returning after several years, Ne-Yo talked a bit about how it feels to be back, “First two seasons were magical for me. I developed some lasting friendships. I have to give props to the actors stepping in the shoes that had already been established and making it our own. You feel like you didn’t so much miss anything with the transition that happens. It’s a seamless transition, and that’s no small feat. That’s not an easy thing to do.” You can watch the latest season of “Step Up” on STARZ.

Lastly, Renee and Brixx sat down with Bow Wow to talk about the latest “Millennium Tour.” When asked if he was excited to be back touring or not, he said, “I definitely was excited to be back touring. This is crazy because this is my second arena tour in a year, and I didn’t drop no new music to do it. That there alone — ain’t nobody doing that right now. It’s unreal. We’ve got this month — pretty much like Dec. 1, I’m on the road until then. It’s a blessing. We’ve been killing it.” Bow Wow is also the host of BET’s newest series “After Happily Ever After.”

3. Amanda Seales Joins the Panel

Amanda Seales has been in the industry for YEARS. Whether it was as a member of Floetry or as an established comedian, Seales has been killing it. When asked about her consistent efforts to get people out to vote this election season, she said, “I think the best way to describe it is you’ve got your crib, you’re living in your crib, but somebody else is determining when you cook in your crib, what you decorate your crib with, what you’re allowed to have in your crib.”

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Seales explained, “First of all, we’ve already got to deal with that when you have a landlord, [and] that’s what you’re actually dealing with when you are electing officials that are making decisions that are affecting your life.”

“I feel like not enough of us understand the power that we are giving folks when we do not choose who we put in power. I think we get so caught up in the presidency and don’t get me wrong, that’s important, but y’all, these positions that are local — whether it’s the district attorney, whether it’s the people that are on the school district — I really just want to see Black folks change our culture by involving civics,” Seales added.

4. Jhalesa Lewis Helps Us Stay Fresh 

Jhalesa Lewis is the founder of Salt.xo, a feminine hygiene brand focused on ensuring that women smell and taste good. She began the company in college, and it has since sprouted into an eight-figure business. When asked whether she felt society has unrealistic expectations of how a vagina should smell, Lewis said, “Absolutely because I know a lot of people make videos like, ‘My vagina smells like flowers, raspberries, and peaches.’ That’s not realistic. Every vagina has its natural aroma, and I don’t think it smells like fruit or frosted flakes, but it should smell pleasant. It shouldn’t smell foul or fishy, stuff like that. That means, OK, go to your doctor. Other than that, I don’t think it should smell like fruits.” The young businesswoman also emphasized the importance of using essential oils and keeping in mind that your diet plays a huge role in how you feel down there. You can check out her feminine products on her website at

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5. Kerry Washington and Nykidra Robinson

For the first BG Boss of the Week, the hosts highlighted Kerry Washington. The “Scandal” star and “Reasonable Doubt” executive producer has been using her platform to motivate her fans and followers to get out and vote! She’s also partnered with The Movement Voter Project and 10 other organizations to empower marginalized communities to vote this election season. Very boss-like!

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Next, the hosts highlighted Nykidra Robinson, the founder of Black Girls Vote, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring young Black girls to take part in the voting process. She began the organization in November 2015, and it has steadily grown ever since.

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