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Amanda Seales Condemns Global Racism Amid Russia & Ukraine War: ‘Racism Always Has Time’

While taking to her Instagram, Amanda Seales calls out and condemns global racism amid the current war between Russia and Ukraine. In addition to a series of videos showing global racism, she also reposts a statement that says, “Racism. Always. Has. Time.”

As we previously reported, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, reports surfaced of Africans being stopped from leaving the country. Among many celebrities speaking out, Amanda took to her Instagram to share tweets and videos showing the harsh reality of global racism. In several reposts, Amanda called it out and later shared an original video of herself, condemning the situation.

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In her video, she says, “When we see the media talking these Ukrainians — as if they are just this anomalous group of people that because of their whiteness they can’t understand how they can be in this situation — what they’re saying without saying is that they can understand why Palestinians are in their situation.  They’re saying they can understand why Central Americans, why Mexicans … Basically, what they’re saying is they can understand who’s not white is in any situation that is similar to the Ukrainian situation,. And what that means is what they’re saying is that they don’t consider anyone who’s not white civilized. So, in particular, when Black people look to other othered groups and we say, ‘You know, we should all be in solidarity,’ this is a scenario where you can look and see they don’t like y’all either.” #Socialites, thoughts?

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