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Insecure Amanda Seales, actress, is being dragged online to ask fans why Will Smith stars in King Richards. A trailer for the upcoming movie was released this week featuring Smith as tennis starts Serena and Venus Williams’ father Richard Williams. “Will Smith is playing Richard Williams????????????????????? Also, why is this film about Richard Williams?????????????????????”The comedian was asked. Seales was later contacted by a follower, who pointed out that Smith was actually an actor and implied that the actress was suggesting that he wasn’t.

It Wasn’t About Race


“Will Smith played Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happyness back in 2006,”Noticed the follower. “Gardner is much darker than Will but he still nailed it the role and got an Oscar nomination. So yeah, that’s a weak point.”The follower believed that Seales was talking to them about race. However, the actress assured them that this was not the case. “Point??” asked Seales. “I said what I wanna see. Lol TF y’all debatin??? I can have my opinion and you can stan Will.”Seales followed up her point by letting followers know that they can have different opinions. “There is ZERO issue here other than the one y’all are making over someone having a contrasting POV about A MOVIE!!!!!!!”

A Day in the Life

Seales was not bothered by the interaction. Seales, who is usually happy to defend herself on social media, does not seem to be phased. Unfortunately, it seems like some fans still don’t get the point. “All I gotta say is Angela Basset played Tina Turner, Katherine Jackson, Rosa Parks, Biggie Mama, Betty Shabazz & Correta Scott King. She doesn’t resemble any of them for real and ATE each role! Great acting is great acting.”Seales also stated that this has nothing whatsoever to do the acting.

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Sisters are involved

amanda sealesSeales might have been wondering why the movie was not about Richards and his successful daughters as tennis pro tennis players. Yes, he pushed them. But they did the work, noted a follower. The back and forth between followers did not end there. After they posted a photo of the tweet, the conversation moved to TheJasmineBrands IG Post. “Girl ….. always looking for something to complain about!!! I thought it was a dope idea!”A follower also misunderstood Seales, wrote another. However, a fan voiced valid concerns about the film’s production. According to reports, the film is being produced and directed by the sisters.

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Hurtful comments

amanda sealesOne fan was able, ultimately, to see through all the drama and point to the fact that the film is giving what it needs; a healthy male role-model. “A black father! Finally we get to see a story about a Black dad! He played a major role in them becoming who they are,”They noted. Fans anticipating the film said that they don’t have time for Seales. “wakes up choosing hate every day”Admitting that sometimes she can be too much. The actress hasn’t responded since and is unbothered, clearly, because she has moved on to post more positive things like press about the upcoming final season of Insecure.

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