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Insecure actress and comedian Amanda Seales caught the proverbial fade after a now-deleted Instagram criticized Will Smith’s portrayal of Richard Williams, Serena and Venus’ father. She also wondered why anyone would make a film on the man who is responsible for the greatest tennis players in history.

The Jasmine Brand posted a screenshot of Seales’ tweet.

“Will Smith is playing Richard Williams????????????????????? Also, why is this film about Richard Williams????????????????????,”She wrote.

Seales’ commentary didn’t go over well on social media. Seales, 40, was arrested for allegedly hateful of Black men.

Amanda Seales is a critic and complainer. “woke and pro black” … 😐

— FAT ASS KELLY PRICE 🥳 (@NiahSays) July 29, 2021

Amanda Seales is the worst. She is just as bad for anyone who agrees or likes her. I still ain’t forget when she falsely accused that Black man of sexual assault

— 🔁 (@BxEBorn) July 30, 2021

Amanda Seales is determined to keep her branding strong. She drove by Richard Williams without any reason lol smdh

— Regular TL Hank (@hanx3sports) July 30, 2021

@amandaseales – Let’s see, who was influential for their career? It was their father. Please, sit down.

— Alama The Knightbuster(M2) (@xmknightbuster) July 30, 2021

Please explain to me why she behaves like a broken clock! Winch it’s about him cause he’s the reason why THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE ALLOWING IDIOTS LIKE YOU TO YELL “BLACK GIRL MAGIC”DUMBA$$

Also, he’s actually an interesting person. DUH

THIS GUY is the type of MAN/FATHER we NEED

— OurStory (@OurStorynLegacy) July 30, 2021

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@amandaseales – Venus and Serena wanted honor for their father. Are Daddy issues important? It is beyond what you are trying to bring down black men with your negative energy. You need to do some serious shadowwork!You need to do some serious shadow work!

— It’s not over!!! (@ICUPNME911) July 31st, 2021

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Seales remained firm despite receiving smoke via the internet.

“There is ZERO issue here other than the one y’all are making over someone having a contrasting POV about A MOVIE,”She replied via Instagram.

Ironically, Venus and Serena are producing the biopic starring Smith. They are fine with their dad being honored. The film, called King Richard, will be released in November 2013.

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