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It’s obvious how much it has aged when you see a show from the 1990s and 2000s. Sex and The City. Friends. The OC. Will & Grace. These TV shows have scenes where characters show casual homophobia and racism, sexism and classism. We can view such shows as a product in their time to a certain degree. It is possible to enjoy a series from the past while not condoning or endorsing such behavior. But there are boundaries, and when we revisit Friends, one truth seems unavoidable: Ross Geller has been the worst.

For ten years, the dorky paleontologist kept the world hooked with his will-they-won’t-they relationship with golden girl Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston. David Schwimmer, a comedian actor and comedian, was no doubt a great actor. He performed slapstick as well as physical comedy (the leather pants!).He displayed emotions like grief, elation and tenderness. He was also guilty in some very questionable behavior. Why is Ross so bad? Find out more below.

He uses the wrong name at the altar

I don’t mean to offend Emily Waltham, but hearing their name at the alter is one of the most disturbing things that could happen on a wedding day. Ross and Rachel know each other is lobster, but that doesn’t excuse this particular faux pas. Poor Ross.

He’s guilty of microagressions

Friends, like many other shows, is often criticized for its lack of diversity. Ross, on the other hand, is guilty microaggressions. You can see Ross’ misadventure in a spray tan booth. In the beginning, he is asked what level of tanness he wants. ‘Well, I like how you look, what are you?’He questions the attendant. They respond. ‘I’m Puerto Rican.’ Such jokes are demeaning and should have hit the cutting room floor.

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He is not professional

Okay, we all know it’s a TV show. However, you need to be careful about what you take from certain scenes. Ross, however, isn’t afraid to take things to the extreme. Ross has had sexual relations in his workplace (not in the privacy and comfort of a toilet, but in an actual exhibit).He dates one of his students and yells at another faculty member over a sandwich… How did he get tenure again?

He is insanely jealous

It’s normal for you to feel the green-eyed beast from time to another, but jealousy seems to be part and parcel of being in a romantic relationship with Ross, at most in the beginning seasons. It was his lack of trust in Mark, Rachel’s Bloomingdale’s colleague, that caused them to ‘on a short break’. Ross, that’s not cool.

He is the world’s most irritating roommate

Ross is clearly not suited for cohabitation.

He doesn’t have a very developed view of gender identity.

Ross is horrified to see his son Ben play with a Barbie. He is also chastened when his sister reminds Ross that he used dress up in his mums clothes and was called ‘Bea’. Chandler jokes that Chandler is also unnerved about the idea of a male babysitter, a manny’. Sandy, a very warm and touching Freddie Prince Jr., explains that he did not like playing with dinosaurs as a boy. This narrow view of gender identity – boys should play GI Joe, and girls should have Barbies – is still disappointing.

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That’s it. We all know we have to get over it. Friends is a time capsule that belongs in it’s era. Ross is a particularly bad example of this. Can we exonerate him retroactively? No. It’s okay.

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