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Druski is undoubtedly someone who took a positive spin on the lockdown and turned it into an opportunity to become an internet sensation. In 2020, the druski2funny Instagram account blew up as people started to realise how hilarious this young man’s parody videos are. Making friends in high places with the likes of Drake and football star Beckham Jr helped Druski get his foot in the door, and with his online show, Coulda Been Records, it has only been up from there!

Druski gained recognition for his rib-tickling comedy skits in 2017 and has since become an internet sensation. Photo: @druski2funny/Instagram
Source: Instagram

This young comedian has made thousands of dollars from his social media posts and could possibly become a self-made millionaire before he turns thirty. Find out more about what made Druski-2-funny with

Druski’s Profile

  • Druski’s real name: Drew Desbordes
  • Nickname: Druski
  • Famous for: Comedic Influencer
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of birth: Gwinnett County, Georgia, Atlanta
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1994
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Druski’s age: 27 in 2021
  • Current residence: Atlanta
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Sexuality: Unconfirmed
  • Parents: Cheryl and Capt. David McLain Desbordes
  • Siblings: Nadia Desbordes
  • Height: 6”2
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • School: Georgia Southern University (two semesters)
  • Occupation: Influencer
  • Druski’s net worth: $400 thousand in 2021
  • Instagram: @druski2funny
  • Facebook: Druski2Funny
  • Twitter: @druski2funny
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    Druski: age, real name, meme, career, profiles, net worth, funniest momentsDruski often invites fans to join his talent show Lives, which he refers to as ‘CouldaBeen Records,’ resulting in some bizarre yet unforgettable footage. Photo: @druski2funny
    Source: Instagram

    Druski’s biography

    What is Druski’s real name? This ingenuitive funny man was born as Drew Desbordes in Gwinnett County in Georgia to two very academically strong parents. Drew’s father, David, is a Howard University graduate who serves for the US Air Force, and his mother, Cheryl, has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in public health and has worked extensively as a COVID-19 fact checker. Needless to say, Drew’s parents were less than impressed when he dropped out of college to pursue his career as an entertainer.

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    “Upset’s not even the [right] word. My mom used to lose it— like literally cry.”

    Drew said that to avoid falling into a depression, he would watch motivational videos online and that he finds comfort with his favourite comedic idols Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, and Dave Chappelle.

    “I watched a lot of Steve Harvey, who talked a lot about jumping and taking [chances]. I was relating to what he was saying. I watched a lot of Gary Vee, Diddy, Kevin Hart, Will Smith.”

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    Druski: age, real name, meme, career, profiles, net worth, funniest momentsDruski appears alongside Drake in his video “Laugh Now Cry Later,” poking fun at the iconic musician. Photo: @druski2funny/Instagram
    Source: Instagram

    What is Druski famous for?

    This comedic influencer’s big window of opportunity came when he was invited by Drake himself to appear on the video of “Laugh Now Cry Later.” His scene was completely improvised, proving to his fans, Drake included, that he has a natural talent for showbiz.

    Drew brings substance to his skits by taking on the personae of a variety of different characters, from the excessive and overbearing mother figure to the obnoxious frat boy, Kyle Rogger, among others. Some of his most popular videos include ‘Lil Yachty’s Oprah’s Bank Account’ and ‘Jack Harlow’s Tyler Hero’, where he has fun with his parody’s without being disrespectful. Druski’s hands up meme has been re-tweeted thousands of times, with many fans adapting this iconic pic into a meme of there own, such as:

    Druski: age, real name, meme, career, profiles, net worth, funniest momentsFans are just loving Druski’s comedic style and the eccentric body language used during his skits. Photo: @druski2funny/Instagram
    Source: Instagram

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    What is Druski’s Instagram?

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    You can follow his account @druski2funny for both Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his hilarious skits. Druski’s Instagram account has an estimated growth of +6,593 followers every day, with the capacity to charge a whopping $21K for each Instagram influencer post. An influencer can only begin to get paid for their content once they have a following of over 5000 people who also engage with the content posted. This is clearly not a problem for our favourite funnyman, who has almost 3 million followers as of October 2021.

    Druski: age, real name, meme, career, profiles, net worth, funniest momentsDruski went from being a college drop-out to having an estimated net worth of $400 thousand. Photo: @druski2funny/Instagram
    Source: Instagram

    Is Druski a producer?

    He may not be the producer, but Drew is certainly the face behind the latest series with Revolt, in collaboration with Addidas, called “Sneakin In with Druski.” The program revolves around his “sneaking” into famous households and donning repurposed Stan Smiths, with the hope to emphasize and encourage sustainability in the hip-hop scene.

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    Diddy personally approached Drew about taking on this endeavour as a brand ambassador. Each episode instructs viewers on how to live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable existence on the planet.

    There is a producer with the nickname “Druski”, but his full name is Andrew Phillip Scott. He has been nominated for two Grammy’s in the producer/singer-songwriter category for his Welsh music.

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    Druski: age, real name, meme, career, profiles, net worth, funniest momentsDruski’s face is loud and proud celebrating his anniversary in Times Square, N.Y.C. Photo: @druski2funny/Instagram
    Source: Instagram

    Druski succeeds where many others have failed, as he has a natural talent for making fun of stereotypes in a humorous way without causing offence, managing to be funny without flippancy. We are impressed that he is already using his fame to create a positive change by highlighting sustainability in his latest series, ‘Sneakin’ In with Druski,’ and poking a bit of fun at celebrities as he goes.

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