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Adele opened up about her reasons for moving to Los Angeles, California. She claimed that London property prices were too high.

The singer, who covers both British Vogue magazine and US Vogue magazine for the November 2021 issue, spoke candidly during her first interview since 2005. She also talked about her divorce with Simon Konecki, Angelo, their nine year old son, and her weight loss.

Adele claims that one of the main reasons she and her ex-husband moved to Los Angeles with their son was to improve their quality life. The 33-year-old Someone Like You singer said that the majority of her time is spent on the internet. “in a car or inside a building,”And that was what she wanted “fresh air and somewhere I could see the sky”.

She also considered the realities of raising a child in rainy England, and these factors were a major factor in her decision.

“Also, once I had Angelo, in England if you haven’t got a plan with a young child and it’s raining, you’re f***ed,”She explained.

But, the most important draw for the singer was the cost of real estate in the US. She claimed that she could not afford it. “never”You can afford the same house in London as she does in Los Angeles.

“And the kind of house I have in LA I could never afford in London. Ever,” Adele said.

Giles Hattersley, British Vogue’s writer, was somewhat skeptical about the claim. Adele replied: “No, I looked at houses. It’s like hundreds of millions of pounds. I don’t have that much money at all. I’d throw up.”

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According to Sunday Times Rich List, Adele is worth $1 million net worth of $177m, while The New York Post previously reported that the singer’s three-home compound in Los Angeles is worth more than $30m, and that she paid about $10m for each house.

She explained that her ex-husband, whom she filed for divorce in 2019, lives just across the street from her and their son.

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Explaining that she had struggled with the concept of breaking the family’s life apart, and the impact it would have on Angelo, Adele said: “In the end I was like: ‘We’re not going to. You’ve bought the house opposite my house. Nothing changes for Angelo.’”

Adele lives in Los Angeles but told British Vogue that she prefers to be there. “British cottage”. However, she also has property in London, which she claims is decorated in a “very European”Style “It’s like Italian or something. I don’t even want to sit down in it,”She said.

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