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Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges have one of the sweetest relationships in Hollywood — and their adorable tributes to one another on Instagram are proof.

The Pitch Perfect star, who is set to appear on his own Bumper-centric spin-off soon, and The Carrie Diaries actress met while working on slasher The Final Girls in 2014. They have been together since 2015 and finally managed to tie the knot in 2021, after postponing their special day due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


6 Adam Devine Wants To Haunt Chloe Bridges After He Dies

Devie is so smitten with Bridges that he has often morbidly joked about what might happen after he passes away.

In one instance, the actor seemed pretty sure that he will haunt the Pretty Little Liars actress after he dies, much like the plot of the movie Ghost.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! Hot damn I love this woman. Everything about her. I’ve been with her for most of her twenty’s and I’m happy to have witnessed what a great woman she has become and she’s getting better every year,” he wrote in 2021.

“I love you Chloe and will do my best to make your day special and even more importantly everyday for the rest of your life… or at least mine. Actually naw. When I die first I’m coming back like Patrick Swayze in Ghost,” he added.

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This seems to be a recurring topic as Devine joked about dying first in 2019 as well.

“Happy birthday to the prettiest, smartest, most fun girl in the world @chloebridges! Love you chlo and can’t wait to spend 60 more bdays with you. Maybe 50… I dunno. I’m def dying first. Love you!”

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5 Adam Devine And His Wife Chloe Bridges Are The Perfect Goofy Couple

Dark humor and dancing moves, it seems that Devine and Bridges have found their perfect match.

The couple often post pictures as they’re out and about Los Angeles, particularly when they attend basketball games together, showing off their dancing skills for the camera.

“Yes we come to Staples Center twice a week for the basketball but we ALSO come for the dancing which is just as important,” Bridges wrote in early 2020, alongside two pictures of her and Devine dancing and pulling faces.

Basketball Mom and Dad here to say we’re proud of you! But we’ll be even prouder if you beat the Lakers today!” she captioned a courtside shot of her and Devine.

4 Chloe Bridges Found One Good Side To Quarantine: Spending More Time With Adam Devine

Being both busy actors means that Bridges and Devine don’t get to spend as much time as they’d like together.

During quarantine the dynamic obviously changed, as Bridges explained in a series of pictures of Devine posted in 2021.

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“I am so so grateful that we are both back at work but that also means that I haven’t seen this guy in a month and I’m looking back at my camera roll… so please enjoy this quarantine slideshow of when we spent every minute together and it was chicken or shrimp every night cause that’s basically all we know how to cook,” she wrote in May last year.

3 Adam Devine Adores Embarrassing Chloe Bridges On Instagram

Devine and Bridges give off some serious Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively vibes as he often teases her on social media.

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On Valentine’s Day 2020, Devine posted a series of cute pictures of Bridges crying during movies and commercials to mark the special day.

“Happy Valentines Day to the prettiest girl in the world. She’s even pretty when she aggressively cries at commercials and at absolutely any movie. Love you @chloebridges and please forgive me for posting the last photo with snot coming out of your face,” Devine joked.

He also fully leaned into the Instagram bored boyfriend-husband cliché when he posted a picture of him and Chloe where she smiles at the camera while he is jokingly giving an eye roll.

“She just wanted a nice photo,” he captioned the picture.

2 Adam Devine And Chloe Bridges Pulled Through Despite All Obstacles

Devine and Bridges got engaged in October 2019 and were originally supposed to get married at a different venue. However, things didn’t go according to plans when 2020 and the pandemic happened. Like many other couples around the world, they, too, had to rethink their wedding.

“Back at the beginning of October [2020] I posted that we had finally locked down a wedding venue and a date and were pretty proud of ourselves…. But since then, that venue has canceled all 2021 events, so it’s back to the drawing board!” Bridges shared in January 2021.

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“Is planning a wedding during a pandemic a lost cause? Possibly! But we’re still plugging away – masked up and came to Mexico to start planning something smaller, later, more margarita-full, and (God willing) post-vaccine/safe/covid-free.”

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1 Chloe Bridges And Adam Devine’s Wedding

And it may not have gone as they’d originally want, but their wedding sure looked like fun.

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Bridges and Devine said “I do” in Mexico in October 2021 surrounded by family and friends for a three-day fiesta of tacos and tequila, open mic speeches and lots of tears from the groom.

The couple decided to keep their memories private for a few months before sharing them with their fans in December last year. But they didn’t just post one single carousel, no. They shared multiple posts, which is only fair if one thinks how long they’d waited for their big day.

“Ok guys here come wedding photos!! It’s gonna be several posts so bear with me lol,” Bridges warned her followers last year.

“We kept the rehearsal dinner small, asking our parents and the wedding party to get to Mexico a day early. And maybe the best decision I made all weekend was having an open mic so anyone/everyone could give a speech – they came prepared with jokes, as you can see by the sheer amount of teeth in these photos,” she continued, sharing pictures of the dinner.

“WE’RE MARRIED! What a blast! We did it in Mexico and miraculously everyone dodged COVID! I love Chloe so dang much and I’m so happy to call her my Wife. [Definitely] cried a lot during the ceremony,” Devine wrote on December 22, 2021.

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