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Richert Lumber and Ace Hardware have announced that Ace the Cat, a fixture at the family-owned and pet-friendly Pleasanton business for the past seven years, has retired from his rodent-control duties.

Owner and manager Matt Richert said Ace, who was acquired from the Valley Humane Society, has been replaced by two new feline adoptees, brothers Bert and Ernie, who now have the run of the store.

The business turned to Ace for help in 2016 because they couldn’t keep up with the rodent problem in the yard, which was large and primarily outdoors.

“We wanted professional help, but were opposed to traps and poisons,” Richert said. “The perfect solution was a deterrent, so we hired Ace the Cat. Between food and veterinary maintenance, Ace was an expensive fix, but he has been phenomenal in reducing the rodent population, as well as serving as a great ambassador for our company.”

During the day, Ace spent most of his time hanging out in the plumbing section. In December, the cat retired to live in Sacramento with another Richert Lumber retiree, Dave Butts.

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