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Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil is finally here, and all eyes are on Sophia Anne Caruso, who struts her way through the entire movie. She plays Sophie in the movie, alongside Kerry Washington and more. Sophie is Agatha’s (Sofia Wylie) best friend, and they both are sent to The School for Good & Evil.

According to Hollywood Life, the book’s author Soman Chainani told Netflix that Sophie is a “nearly unplayable part – she’s a diva, a witch masquerading as a princess, at once supremely charismatic and an alluring narcissist, which makes you root for her but also hate her, like some renegade version of Regina George.” For those of you who don’t know, Regina George is the main antagonist and leader of The Plastics in Mean Girls. In the movie and musical, she is portrayed by Rachel McAdams who recently appeared in Doctor Strange 2, and Taylor Louderman, respectively. Regina is intelligent, manipulative, and capable of doing anything in her power to achieve her goals.

Sophia also shared her thoughts on the character, “there’s a bit of all of us in Sophie. She’s both good and evil. Granted, there’s a lot of darkness in her, but there’s also this goodheartedness that’s hiding deep down. And I found that a lot of people feel the same, myself included. She shows that we’re all a little good and a little evil and that’s okay.”

The School for Good and Evil is already the No. 1 movie on Netflix, even though it has only managed to get a 39% critics score so far on Rotten Tomatoes; that hasn’t stopped viewers from giving it an 89% audience score. It’s her highest rated movie according to audiences, and it just might be Caruso’s biggest role yet. Here’s what you should know about Sophia Anne Caruso.

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8/8 Who Is Sophia Anne Caruso?

Sophia Anne Caruso is a 21-year-old American actress, singer, and songwriter. She moved to New York City at just eleven years old to pursue an acting career, though she was acting way before that. Caruso was involved with the local children’s theater in her hometown in Spokane, Washington.


7/8 Sophia Anne Caruso Started On Broadway

Sophia Anne Caruso began her professional career as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker at just nine years old. She appeared in several Off-Broadway productions before she made her Broadway debut as The Girl in Blackbird.

Though Caruso has since starred in several Broadway productions, she is best known for originating the role Lydia Deetz in 2017 in a workshop of the musical Beetlejuice, she played the role in the Broadway production starting in March 2019. Caruso won a Theater World Award for the role, but left the show abruptly on February 19, 2020, in order to pursue work in film and television.

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6/8 What Has Sophia Anne Caruso Starred In Other Than The School For Good And Evil

Sophia Anne Caruso is steadily building up a resume of on-screen roles. Outside The School for Good and Evil she’s racked up quite a few acting credits which includes acting in CBS horror series Evil (2019), Strangers (2017), and Smash (2013). She’s also starred in movies like 37 (2016), Lazarus (2018), the TV movie Crash & Burn (2017).

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5/8 Who Is Sophia Anne Caruso Dating?

Like many celebrities and famous people, Sophia Anne Caruso keeps her personal and love life private. Sophia had at least one relationship that we’ve heard about in the past, she is said to have dated photographer Emilio Madrid back in 2019. At the moment, it seems the actress is not dating anyone.

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4/8 Sophia Anne Caruso Has Released Multiple Singles

In addition to acting, Sophia Anne Caruso is also pursuing a music career. Caruso’s debut single “Toys” was released on May 22, 2020. The song was produced by Henry Hey, who worked with Caruso as the musical director of Lazarus, and Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun.

She has since released three additional singles “Goodbye” (2021), as well as “Snow & Ice” and “Thing Like That” in 2022.

3/8 Sophia Anne Caruso Is Involved With Fashion

Caruso enjoys being edgy, which is evident by her sense of style as seen in her well curated social media presence. In 2019, Vogue called the young actress “fashion’s latest muse” when she was in Paris for Fashion Week.

Sophia Anne Caruso has a small following on TikTok where she often shares snippets of her original music with her fans. The actress however has over 154,000 followers on Instagram where she posts photos of her daily life and interacts with her growing fanbase.

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1/8 How Much Is Sophia Anne Caruso’s Net Worth?

Celebsmoney estimates Sophia Anne Caruso’s net worth to be anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million. The star makes a decent living from her acting and budding music career.

With Caruso’s growing star power and increasing social media presence, it is only a matter of time before the actress starts cashing in on brand deals.

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