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Arnold Schwarzenegger is easily the most recognizable bodybuilder of all time. The seven-time Mr Olympia winner is so famous across the world for his hard-earned physique that a poster of his famous flexed pose hangs in almost every gym across the world.

Therefore, is it any surprise that at least one of his children is considering following in the body-building icon’s footsteps. Schwarzenegger‘s 24-year-old son, Joseph Baena, is without a doubt following in his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s footsteps.

According to Baena, his father has “the best physique he’s ever seen in his life” and he trains hard to one day come close to the iconic Arnold physique.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena – who clearly inherited his dad’s looks and build, started bodybuilding about about 4 years ago, and his progress so far is pretty impressive. From his early days bodybuilding to now, Baena swears by his father’s book, The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and still applies the principles learned to his current training routine.

Men’s Health have brought out a video of Baena taking us through a full body lift which keeps his waist tight, lats big and shoulders even wider.

Acknowledging that his father had the best physique for most people in the world, Joseph thinks out aloud wondering if he can build the same iconic physique that his dad is famous for. Here he is sharing what he has learn from his “Conan The Barbarian” hero father and his book on training for a “killer” body.

7 wisdoms of Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bodybuilding:

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  • Start with the Incline Dumbbells’ Press: If you want to develop the upper part of the chest – the pectoral muscle, do the Incline Dumbbells’ Press. The big note here is NOT TO FLARE THE ELBOWS OUT. So, you bring the elbows down a little bit, make sure your focus is on the chest, tighten your abs helps emphasize your upper chest too.
  • Do the Lat Pull down machine, after the Incline Press. This helps the pectoral muscles too. Keep the chest up as you pull the lateral bar down to your chest. This gives you the full range of motion and a good stretch. Keep the waist tight, the lats big, and the shoulders even wider. Must do better than yesterday, and so well that when you walk through a door frame, there isn’t room for another person to walk alongside.
  • Next is the Chest Press. Machines mitigate the risk of more injury. Do 12-15 repetitions of 4 sets. Joseph Baena says he works out on 6 days of a week but no rest days. The so-called rest day is an active rest day. On that day, he either goes on a trek or does cardio — only he won’t lift so much weights that day. Most exercises are about 15 reps each is 4 sets. He swears by his Dad’s nook the Bodybuilding Encyclopedia and says that the 4 sets are very important as the third set is when you burn the most and the fourth set is when you grow the most.
  • Next is the Cable Row Machine. Be sure to do the full lab stretch and squeeze here, he says. Bend forward a little bit more so as to stretch the lower back. Make sure you do the full reps. Keep it classic, simple, necessary.
  • Barbell Military Press: The classic BMP, keep the elbows forward instead of flared out. That protects your shoulders, just like it does on the chest press. Be slow on the way down, press up. If you have shoulder issues, use dumbbells or kettlebells instead.
  • Classic Dumbbell Raises: This is to get cap, the wide delts, 15 – 20 reps. Then drop down to lower weights and do another 10-15 reps. By now your shoulders must be really tired.
  • The Hack Squat Machine: This is Joseph Baena’s favourite leg workout as it really hits the quads and the glutes, he says. He likes to do 6 sets on this, starting with 20 reps for the first two, 15 reps for the next 2, and for the last 2 sets he does 10 reps each and done.
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