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After the release of the abomination that is Sony’s “Morbius,” I’d say we urgently need to populate the MCU with genuinely fascinating vampires. What better way for Daniel Radcliffe to make his debut than by playing the MCU’s first vampire? (Again, Morbius doesn’t count.)

Meet Deacon Frost, a scientist-turned-vampire whose first appearance dates back to 1976. The character is introduced as a scientist who loves to experiment. During a scuffle with one of his experiment victims, he gets accidentally injected with vampire blood and turns into a vampire. Frost is exceptionally manipulative and dangerous. If his status as a vampire didn’t make him evil enough, he has an unusual ability that makes him untouchable. Anyone he bites develops a doppelganger, and Frost controls them with his mind. They’re always at his disposal — like his personal vampire army. Twisted, right?

In the comics, Frost is Blade’s archnemesis, and the very reason he becomes a vampire hunter — the ex-scientist murdered Blade’s mother just as she was about to give birth, so he seeks to avenge her. There’s only one minor issue. The comics depict Deacon Frost as a middle-aged, white-haired gentleman with red eyes, so Radcliffe might have to alter his appearance a bit. Or give us a different version of him entirely? We hope he’s up for a challenge! Mahershala Ali is set to play Blade in the vampire hunter’s stand-alone movie, so it would be the perfect opportunity for Deacon Frost to make an appearance.

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