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I believe that a good design has to have at least these qualities – practicality, functionality, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. But I also believe that not every designer has these qualities in mind when creating a new product. Therefore images on a Facebook group called Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them have emerged with all sorts of objects designed in a way that just makes us feel mad. If the object turned out beautiful, that is not enough. We need it to be useful, easy to care for, and simply put – practical.

If a product design seems good on paper, that does not necessarily mean that it will be customer-approved. That is why each product design has to be tested before being sold to a broader consumer audience.

So, fellow Pandas, we invite you to see the worst possible designs, maybe learn a thing or two, and share in the comments which fail was the absolute worst for you. And if you would like to repeat this experience, see our previous post on Bored Panda here.

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Have you ever wondered what goes into making a mass-produced product? Getting the product from an idea form to being produced is a long process that includes many steps. Sure, it is easier if you already have a product line and are just adding something new to the market rather than hopping into business fresh with no experience at all. Some beginner mistakes will definitely happen if you had no prior knowledge, but what is the most shocking thing of all is that some very well-known companies and big-label brands still manage to create something absurd.

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If the final product is this difficult to clean and take care of, is it worth buying? Well, some people might say that it is just laziness and not creative thinking if your so-called impractical object is dirty. But some products, even after numerous attempts, are impossible to get cleaned. Would that be considered lazy or just a terrible product design? But worst of all is how unhygienic some decisions are. Fleece cover for the toilet seat? No, thank you. That just feels wrong and dirty, if you’d ask me. Maybe warm to sit on, but where do you live, in Alaska?

I understand that this post is just me ranting about how awful these designs are, and I understand that some are just beginners’ mistakes. And sure, some can be cleaned in the end, but at least some advice or an instruction manual would be nice. And if that seems too difficult to make, then it is probably not a product that anyone should own.

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In the end, some people might find a few of these product designs totally fine. Maybe it is just laziness for the rest of us. But I believe that in this day and age, we, as a society, could do better and think in the best interest of each other.

So, fellow Pandas, what are your thoughts on these designs, are we just lazy, or do we deserve better?

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