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An NBA player’s trade value is not set in stone. There are a number of factors that can cause a player’s stock to rise – or plummet.

Too often, injuries are the reason for the latter trend. Unfortunately, that’s been the case for Anthony Davis. He’s missed the better part of two seasons with various ailments, and even when he’s taken to the floor he’s looked compromised.

On the other hand, Pascal Siakam’s value may be on the rise. He did miss some time of his own last season, but when he returned, he looked anything but compromised. In fact, he played some of the best basketball of his career.

The Toronto Raptors will likely hang on to Siakam this summer. At the same time, they could be incentivized to sell high.

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There’s no world where they’d trade him for Anthony Davis in a straight-up swap, but if they were receiving sweeteners, it could be worth their time.

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Here are three deals that, one way or another, find the two stars changing teams.

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