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You saw it, you shared it, we tried it! TikTok is the go-to platform for sharing anything from new dance moves to food trends, from hard-hitting news to opinion pieces, with everything in between, all in catchy videos that are only a few minutes long. We’ve rounded up some of the TikTok drinks that have stood out over the years, including solid hacks and recipes, and some… shall we say, questionable? ideas too. 😉 We’ve got something in here for everyone, whether you’re looking to try the latest trends or want enduring ideas you’ll come back to again and again. Check out our 15 TikTok drinks—tag us @delish if you try any of them.

While we’re always down to try a new, trendy recipe, some of these we really weren’t sure about initially. Then we tried them, and woah—it all made sense. Now to our amazement (and sometimes chagrin 😂), we find ourselves revisiting these recipes long after they’ve come and gone on social media. In summertime, we’re making spiked seltzer slushies, whipped lemonade, Corona Sunrises, boozy sour watermelon slushies (complete with sour candy), and triple-berry sparklers (with berry-filled ice cubes). Don’t even get us started on the Dirty Shirley—we can’t believe we haven’t been adding alcohol to Shirley Temples this whole time! When cold weather comes around, we’re warming up with hot chocolate bombs (the perfect DIY gift too), our poison apple cocktails (with the most festive edible glitter), or our apple cider mimosas. And, of course, we’re always down for a Dalgona coffee—it’s the perfect pick-me-up all year long.

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While we’re all about some TikTok trends, some leave us scratching our heads. Is the orange juice espresso drink or “healthy coke” actually good? We’re ultimately not so sure. What we do know is that the fun is all in the trying, rather than the longevity, so cue up some fun music, get your camera ready, and check them out for yourself.

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